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Working Papers

Doctrinal Conflict in Foreign Investment Regulation in India: NTT Docomo vs. Tata Sons and the Case for “Downside Protection”
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Ishizuka, Nobuhisa; Sharma, Sidharth
2021,WP 2021-02-01
A 2020 Vision of India’s Farm Market Reforms
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2021,WP 2021-01-02
Determinants of Disagreement: Learning from Indian Inflation Expectations Survey of Households
Singh, Gaurav Kumar ; Bandyopadhyay, Tathagata
2021,WP 2021-01-01
Enhancing Port Performance: A Case of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
Rathi, Aman; Singh, Ambesh Pratap; Narayanaswami, Sundaravalli
2020,WP 2020-12-04
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Indian Railways: Models, Framework, and Policies
Sitharamaraju, K.; Beerelli, Santhosh Kumar; Yelne, Saket Anil; Narayanaswami, Sundaravalli
2020,WP 2020-12-05
Pandemics and Historical Mortality in India
Tumbe, Chinmay
2020,WP 2020-12-03
How informative are quantified survey data? Evidence from RBI household inflation expectations survey
Singh, Gaurav Kumar
2020,WP 2020-12-01
Expectations formation of household inflation expectations in India
Singh, Gaurav Kumar
2020,WP 2020-12-02
Public perception of courts in India: unmeasured gap between the justice system and its beneficiaries
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Faisal, Muhammed K; Alex, Jacob P; Shiju, M V
2020,WP 2020-11-02
A Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Framework for Efficient E-Commerce Order Delivery
Kandula, Shanthan; Krishnamoorthy, Srikumar; Roy, Debjit
2020,WP 2020-11-01